Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From our assertion that philosophy provides definition, it must not be inferred that it is the funtion of the philosopher to compile a dictionary, in the ordinary sense. For the definitions which philosophy is required to ptovide are of a different kind from those which we expect to find in dictionaries. In a dictionary we look mainly for what may be called explicit definitions; in philosophy, for definisions in use. A brief explanation should suffice to make the nature of this distinction clear.

We define a symbol explicitly when we put forward another symbol, or symbolic expression which is synonymous with it. And large numbers to walk with surer step. By analyzing the possibilities of any step or plan, it becomes possible to anticipate the future and adjust our-selves to it in advance. Scientific method thus minimizes the shock of novelty and the uncertainty of life. It enables us to frame policies of action and of moral judgment fit for a wider outlook than those of immediate physical stimulus or organic response.

Scientific method is the only offective way of strengthening the love of truth. It develops the intellectual courage of face difficulties and to overcome illusions that are pleasant temporarily but destructive ultimately. It settles differences without any external force by appealing to our common rational nature. The way of science, even if it is up a steeo mountain, is open to all. Hence, while sectarian and partisan faiths are based on personal choice or temperament and divide men, scientific procedure unites men in something nobly devoid of all pattiness. Because it requires detachment, disinterestedness, it is the finest flower and test of a loberal civilization.

Taken from Refleksi: Jurnal Kajian Agama dan Filsafat, vol. Ix, no. 1 (Ciputat: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Filsafat, UIN Syarif Hidayatulllah Jakarta), 2007: 8-9, h.1, writen by Charlos

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